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212 /   496 . 4508
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The Open Door Theater
P.O. Box 230911, Ansonia Station
New York City  10023
In February 1997, five people established a New York City theater to produce original plays by authors who are more or less unknown. The five—Filippo Anselmi, Julius Bremer, David Burke, Allan Dennis and David Millman—serve as an artistic directorship and an executive production entity. They are, at various times, playwrights, directors and actors.
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Open Door productions may be dramatic or comedic, abstract or traditional, small or large. But they must be entertaining, compelling and of professional caliber. In our short life we have already done a lot of good work, received wide praise, and have become a thriving New York theater.

In the inaugural season, the company was known as The Basic Theater of N.Y.C.; in 1998 we rechristened ourselves as The Open Door. The Open Door Theater is a not-for-profit corporation and a member of the ART/NY group of New York theaters.

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